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Healthy, comfy, handmade dogharnesses!

Make sure your dog loves to walk!

These harnesses are healthy for your dog! Normal collars can increase or maintain health problems like headache, pressure on the eyes and breathing problems; especially with smaller dogs. The handmade harnesses from Miss Flo ease the sensitive areas such as the spine, neck and head of your dog.

The Miss Flo Harness is based on a Norwegian dog harness which originally was designed for active dogs. Known for pulling sleds, jogging and cycling and they prevent chafing while being active. An ideal base for the Miss Flo Harness!

For a lot of dogs (especially the smaller breeds) a harness is recommended. A collar can maintain or increase health issues. The Miss Flo Harness eases the sensitive areas such as the spine, neck and head of your dog.

Examples of health issues due to breeding are:
Breathing problems caused by a collapsing trachea (windpipe) or a bend in or a narrow trachea, severe coughing, pressure on the eyes, abnormal intervertebral discs and headaches.

I know that Flo loves my harnesses! I hope you will give this great gift to your own dog and enjoy the joy of walking together! ♥

The harnesses are handmade and are lined with velvet for a soft and comfortable feel. They are colorful and will match any dog owners outfit! All items are handmade by me.